Electrophoresis coating films forming operation

Electrophoretic coating is an outstanding film forming method, in order to really waterbased paint is one of the most meaningful construction process, using a watersoluble, nontoxic, easy acceleration and other characteristics. And so far, the foreign a part of the commercial companies maintain years of experience found in vehicle cathodic electrodeposition coating, while the commercial small businesses industry in our rural started late in these aspect, in the procedure that has acquired a disadvantage, but with the lGolden Dragon arge passenger cathode electrophoresis line, breaking aged inherent in the main production process, and little-by-little become the main method bus industry, one traveling coating process of replace already kicked off.

Electrophoresis technology Electrophoretic part was invented in morrison a pardon s, but development of these technology and used operating in industrial production in several. Pulverbeschichtung Braunschweig , Ford Motor Company was basically to electrophoretic coating modern advances for automotive primer. Over early s, FAW First, the introduction of currency cathodic electrodeposition coating technology, especially in the s, passenger car joint challenge and the establishment including joint ventures, paint, fur technology and to feature China’s automotive coating packing and shipping material to reach planet advanced level.

Electrophoretic technique is traveling cars, light commercial major must be part among the application of the covering process, but also with regard to passenger cars on use has been improving, nevertheless the application of large traveler vehicles in the continent less, the majority actually follow the traditional greater passenger spraying primer backwards technology. Detailed electrophoresis Autocar from the main home of welded steel components, steel corrosion will specially damage the bus a main structure, so metallic will affect the to summarize quality of life including passenger cars.

For users, the superior the quality of materials corrosion, the longer existence of the purchase akin to vehicles, thus reducing motorcar maintenance and repair expenditure of late, so its electrophoretic technology to develop to be mainstream international preferred final destination of the bus product election. Electrophoretic techniques, these include pretreatment, degreasing, washing, family table adjustment, phosphate, washing, water washing, electrophoresis, ultrafiltration washing, pure water car-washing can become pretreatment of multichannel electrophoresis process. Compared with sprinkle paint technology, the utilization of electrophoresis coating of paint primer material from the metals surface by electrochemical results in the formation together with the film, is much more dense than ordinary spray, stronger adhesion, and suffer from superior salt fog, heatresistant properties, its corrosion immunity level is much higher as opposed other types of 101.